The Church That We See

We see an untraditional church that is fun and easy to be a part of, where people flourish in their gifting and calling. A creative environment that inspires excellence and innovation.

We see a church where the lost find a home and are welcomed into a loving family of believers, where people grow in authentic community as a natural part of everyday life.

We see a church led by men and women, who will lead with a servant heart and lay their lives down to equip ordinary people to live extraordinary lives, and influence all spheres of society.

We hear a sound being released from the house that reflects God at work in our world today. People joining in joyful praise and reverent worship that glorifies our King.

We see a church with a clear message of hope through Jesus Christ. A church built on unalterable values, but always in beat with the current culture in how to present the gospel.

We see a church devoted to prayer, releasing heaven on earth. A church so dependent on the Holy Spirit that nothing will stop it or be able to stand against it; a church where the supernatural is natural.

We see a resourceful church marked by generosity and integrity. A church intentional about the Great Commission, and setting new standards for social and spiritual work in the society.

We see a church of diversity. Generations and cultures united under a clear vision. A church inspiring the next generation to walk in a real and personal relationship with God.