Connect Groups

The name says it – this is the place to connect. Business people connecting, mums and their toddlers, young adults connecting with other like minded people, a group of friends opening their home to connect with new people. If you are looking for meaningful relationships, new friendships, and want to grow in your faith, we have a Connect Group for you.

Connect Groups are the core of OpenChurch. As we grow larger as a church family, we want to grow deeper in the smaller groups. Church is not like a family, it is family! God intended church to be a warm, embracing family, the perfect fellowship of unconditional love, support and security. A family that reflects the warmth of Heaven and creates an environment where people can flourish.

Though Sunday is a great celebration of the family coming together, most of family life is lived during the week.

Healthy families eat together. Laugh together. Pray together.

Carry each other through difficult seasons. Families cheer each other on in life.

Every week people open their homes to host Connect Groups. They normally meet every week for about 1½ hours to pray, study the Bible, encourage one another and have fun together. Connect Groups run at different times in different locations, creating opportunities for you to choose a group that fits your rhythm of life.

Sylvester Lunda
Sylvester Lunda

Find a Connect Group

Get in contact with Sylvester Lunda, one of our Pasters in OpenChurch, and he will help you find a group that suetes you.